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Jesus told Peter, "Upon this rock, (meaning himself) I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail. The youth of today will become the church of tomorrow. We believe that God has a very definite plan for each and every one of the youth of this generation. They are worth the time, they are worth the effort, they are worth the prayer and the commitment. Come and join Chad & Sarah Lucas our Youth Directors as they train the youth of today to get firmly planted on the ROCK of JESUS CHRIST and become the church of tomorrow!!

The Youth take on a different look on Wednesday evenings. They have Kingdom Mentoring, directed by Jacqueline Bibbs. This is a focused time of curriculum led mentoring for your student. The class breaks up into small groups or one on one, depending on the number of mentors that are available on a given night. Click the link to the left and check it out.

Once we have spent the first hour together from 10:00 - 11:00, we are ready for focused application time. The Jr High retreats to their own room located just across the hallway. They are led by another part of my team with the focus remaining on a unified theme. There are many differences in the minds of a Jr High student compared to a High School student. We want to be effective in bringing the word of God and give it in the proper perspective, relative to the age of the student.

We begin our classes together at 10:00 AM sharp. The Jr High & the High School start out together for a time of Praise & Worship in the Prodigy Class.

Meet The Rock Youth Ministry Team

Sunday Morning.

Right Now Media Sample Video

Chad & Sarah Lucas

"The Rock" room is set up with its own sound system and dual HD screens on the sides. We also have a 12ft HD screen projection in the center. A portion of our worship and teaching tools comes from "Right Now Media".

Click the video below to see a sample of the over 12,000 available training videos available for members at KLF.

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