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Dynamic Freedom In Christ


One of the greatest tools of the enemy is personal defeat. Many people are so heavy with issues concerning their past that they hesitate to be an active part of the Kingdom of God for the future. But God wants them to be powerful and strong.This Dynamic Ministry will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery. It will allow you to establish who Christ is in your life and realize that God truly loves you. The Father in heaven is a master of establishing true identity in His people. He can heal, deliver, and set you free from the hurts, betrayals and wounds that have affected your everyday life. The material below was written by Diana Clancy. The Dynamic Freedom In Christ books are also available .


- Four Essential Keys for Living In Freedom

- How to Get Closer to God & Stay in His Presence

- How to Hear God's Voice

- Spiritual Warfare - Your Authority In Christ

- Be Free From Unforgiveness

- Be Free from Negative Soul Ties

- Be Free From Sin

- Be Free from Generational & Cultural Sin

- Guard Your Speech

- Be Free as Much as Possible from Consequences of Sin

- Circumstances Where the Lord Will Fight for You

- Staying Free

- Guidelines for Prayer & Intercession

- Sins Found In the Bible

- How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

- The Difference Between Conviction & Condemnation

- How to Create a Positive Atmosphere