Get Connected Class

If you have been a repeat visitor and want more information about joining the church, this class is for you. This is a once per month class on the first Sunday on each month at 10:00AM in the Visitors room.  This is where you will have the option to join KLF. We will give you a packet of information that will let you know a little about how the church started in 2004, about our history history, our Mission, ourVision and about our Senior Pastors .   All this will be followed by documents about the Staff, Life Groups and four steps as a new member of KLF.  We want you to be comfortable in your decision to be a part of KLF. If you are still not sure about becoming a member, you can remain an attender until you and your family are ready. Jesus Christ is the head of the church, He will speak to your heart about the church that He has chosen for you and your family in the season that you are in.

Dates: The first Sunday morning of each month

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Place: The Visitors Room, located near the offices

After the class we invite you to join the service that is in progress in the main auditorium. We are looking forward to having you in the classes.

Get Connected Class Details