Hi, I'm Kenny Kent. I am the Director of our KLF Data Processing Department. We use a company called "Fellowship One". This allows us to manage the member information from year to year with an excellent level of integrity. From time to time, you may get a new phone or move into a new house or apartment. Maybe even change your email address.  When you do, we need your updated contact info.

Contact Kenny - data@klfellowship.com

KLF Data Processing

Each week we send out a phone call from a system called "One Call Now". As a new member, this number will show on your caller id as an out of state number. Once you receive the call, save it to your favorites. The call will consist of the weekly events that are planned at KLF. We also send out an email using your preferred email address in the "Fellowship One" membership management database. This is also to inform you of weekly events.

As you can tell, there are a number of reason why we want to keep your contact information up to date. We appreciate your diligence in helping us to maintain our data systems. If have had any recent changes, please fill out the form and submit it. Have a blessed day.