The Knights of KLF are currently going through the 12 chapter training course called Dynamic Freedom In Christ. The course is offered to the entire church. It was authored by Associate Pastor Diana Clancy and the book is available upon request for $10. Pastor Diana teaches a chapter and the following week, we break up into 6 small groups and have an open forum discussion over the questions. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You may join the study in progress at any time. Come and join us on Wednesday night.

Bobby Bouston is the Director over our Men's Ministry.  As a culture, we have gotten away from many of the founding principles of the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives. It is our responsibility as men of God to lead our wives and families in a Godly fashion. If we will rise up and take our rightful places in the family and seek the Lord with all of our hearts, He will empower us to become TRUE Men of God.
   The Knights of KLF are not afraid to worship, pray, give and honor God in public. We are are called to be the salt and the light of the world. Come and join a group of men that have a heart for God and a passion to live a Godly life, no matter what.

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Currently on Right Now Media for Men

If you are a member of KLF, we will give you access to "Right Now Media" free of charge. If you are unable to make the class times on Wednesday night, you can follow the studies from a cell phone, laptop or TV.

Meet the "Knights of KLF" Men's Team

Currently on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm

The "Knights" of Kingdom Life Fellowship