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John & Sonya Decker have now made it possible to take the course online. The course is very practical as well as inspiring. The Decker's have made it possible for their course to be promoted in many different parts of the world. For the online course, click the link below

Ministry Training Instituteā„¢ is designed to function in a 36-week classroom setting. Each weekly meeting is designed to function in a 3 hour session, with two hours for theological instruction, and one hour for hands-on practice in the practicum. Students should expect 2 hours of homework each week to complete the reading for the coming class, as well as completing the current marketplace assignment.

Student ministers will learn how to blend theology with practical application that will result in confidence in doing a series of ministry skills:

1. Leading people to Christ. Students practice sharing their marketplace testimony in a practicum setting.

2. Leading Christians into the Holy Spirit Baptism. This includes an explanation of the 30 gifts of the Spirit, including the release of speaking in tongues.

3. Learning to pray for the sick. This is accomplished by praying for the sick using scriptures that promise healing.

4. Hearing from God. Students gain confidence in identifying the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking by practicing hearing and obeying in a safe, grace filled, group environment.

5. Healing the sick by revelation. Students grow by exercising the gifts of discernment, prophecy, and words of knowledge, and the voice of the Holy Spirit to pray for those in need of healing or deliverance.

6. Dealing with demons. Students exercise their authority in Christ to confront demonic spirits and cast them out.

7. Preaching the full Gospel. Each student will deliver a five to seven minute sermon in the context of their practicum group.

KLF Ministry Training Institute.


Christ's Ambassadors International

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Christ's Ambassadors International (CAI) is a Christian training organization that provides Ministry Training, Ministry Skill Training, and Spirit-Led Small Group Training. The Ambassador Series curriculum and the book "Doing What Jesus Did", provide the local church with a turn-key Ministry Training Institute (MTI). The actual training is done through the Ministry Training Centers (MTC), a division of CAI. 

Kingdom Life Fellowship is a Certified Ministry Training Center.  We have had a wonderful experience following the materials and leadership of John & Sonya Decker.  We have currently graduated 27 students through the program and will begin another session in the Fall.  God bless John & Sonja Decker for their amazing support and dedication to the Kingdom of God.