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We are so delighted that the Lord has invited you to be a part of the family, here at KLF. I'm sure by now Liz and her team have given you enough information to keep you busy for a while. We just want to remind you of a couple of important things. It is our desire to help you to connect and feel like a real part of the family. In order for us to follow up with you, we need to have all of your (1)  Current contact info, to put into our "Fellowship One" database. This will allow us to send you and your family our weekly email . We also will input your preferred phone numbers into our "One Call Now" System. We send out a call with the weekly events usually on Monday or Tuesday around 7:00PM. Next you will want to                 (2)  Download our "KLF APP"from your APP store. It's free of charge and it has multiple features to keep you informed and connected with all the current events of the church. After you get the KLF APP, you need to make sure that you         (3) Accept the invitation that Pastor Johnny will send you via e-mail to be a part of "Right Now Media". This is a free gift to all our members with access to over 12,000 videos for children, teens and adults. Check out the video link on the Home-Page. We also want to invite you to become a part of our Wednesday night training classes at the church. We also have a growing number of Life Groups that are available for you to become connected with. After you have been here for a while, talk to Liz about being part of one of our growing ministries here at the church. We want to assist you in any way possible to be able to(4)  GET IN, GET HEALTHY and GET GOING. Once again, we welcome you as part of our growing family. May God richly bless you and your family as we build the Kingdom of God together.

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First Time Visitors

The first area you will discover as you enter is the "Information Center". A hostess will be on duty to assist you in any way possible. The next place you will notice is our "Coffee Bistro". Come and have a cup of coffee on us and one of our ushers will greet you and answer any questions you may have. Picture 3, shows us leaving the "Main Sanctuary" after service. As a first time visitor, Liz Rangel will escort you to our visitors room. Follow the pictures across the "Foyer" into our "Education Area", turn right and proceed to the "Visitors Room". Liz or her team will meet you for a few short minutes to give you a gift for being our guest today and answer any questions you may have. Inside your gift packet, you will also have info cards that give you needed information about some of the ministry opportunities we offer at KLF. After your visit, you can expect an email or card from the church within the next couple of days. Our Senior Pastor, Johnny Davis will also be giving you a call by the end of the week to thank you for visiting the church. If you have any questions, please contact Liz Rangel and she will be delighted to respond in a timely fashion. We pray that your visit to KLF is a wonderful encounter with the Lord.

Step 4- Get Connected

Hi, my name is Liz Rangel. I lead a team of volunteers here at KLF and we want to help you to feel right at home. We want your visit to KLF to be a warm and inviting experience. My team and I have dedicated ourselves to be a very special part of your first experience. At any time during your visit, if you have a question or need assistance, just look for anyone wearing an "ASK ME" button pinned to their shirt and they will be happy to assist you. It is a delight to have you here with us at KLF.

You can contact me at:

New Covenant Members & Visitors