Media Ministry - Associate Pastor Rick Ward

Kenny is the Director of Data Processing here at the church. He has implemented the Fellowship One social network for the members and the staff. Kenny and his wife Debbie also serves on our Executive Elders Board as well as our Corporate Board.

Kenny -

Romeyo & Sherie Kirven are Associate Pastors here at KLF. Pastor Romeyo is a licensed minister through the KLF Ministry Training Institute. They also serve on our Spiritual Elders Board as well as our Executive Elders Board.  They have launched a non-profit organization named Kirven Transformations.

Romeyo & Sherie -                       

New Covenant Members - Liz Rangel

Elizabeth is the director of a dedicated team of volunteers that serve you on Sunday mornings at the Coffee Bistro. All donations are designated to our Prodigy Youth Department.

Elizabeth -

Education Department - Sr Pastor Karen Davis

"Fearless" Womens Ministry - Lilian Darty

Debbie is the Director over our Family Support. Debbie also has a great team in place that have a heart for people. In those times of tragedy or loss, The anointing of God that this team carries is a wonderful support to all those in need. Her and her husband Kenny also serve on our Executive Elders Board as well as our Corporate Board.

Debbie -

Liz Rangel leads a team of members that are dedicated to making you feel welcome at KLF. She will also follow up with all new families that are interested in joining the family here at the church.

Liz -

Pastor Karen has an amazing team of dedicated musicians and singers that lead the congregation into the presence of God through dynamic Praise & Worship.

Pastor Karen -

KLF Music Ministry - Sr Pastor Karen Davis

Surrender The Secret - Milton & Jeanne Jones

JR Rangel is leading a team of members that are dedicated and have a special interest in making you feel right at home when you come to KLF. Your experience at KLF is very important to us. JR also is the jead of our KLF Shuttle service. Each Sunday morning

he leads a team of drivers that assist families in parking across the bridge at the I-27 Medical Center. This allows us to have extra parking for our visitors. Thank You JR and KLF family for being diligent in this area.

JR -

Chad & Sarah Lucas are our Youth Directors at KLF. They have an amazing love for youth and have eight children of their own. There are certain people in life that God will process for years and then one day, it's time to step into destiny. Chad & Sarah are two of those people. They are building a dedicated team of leaders that refuse to stop at ordinary.

Chad & Sarah -                         

My Father's House  -  Julius Lyonga

Bobby Bouston leads a group of men that are determined to become everything that the Lord intended for men to be.  It takes real men to give God everything. The Knights of KLF are not afraid to face the real issues. Come and join us, I dare you!!  Bobby also takes care of all the grounds at the church. To get envolved, contact Bobby with the link below.

Bobby -

At Kingdom Life Fellowship, we have specialized safety patrol for your protection. Quincy has a team that is focused on safety so you and your family don't have to. From the parking lot to the high tech surveillance systems in the church, they are a tremendous asset to the church family.

Quincy -

Lilian Darty leads a team of women that add amazing dimension and beauty to the church family. These women are truly an inspiration in the church with character, anointing, and resolve. The Ladies of KLF want to invite the Ladies of your family to be a part of the KLF Family.

Lilian Darty - 

Kingdom Mentoring - Jacqueline Bibbs

Hope is our Hospital Chaplain.  Hope is a Commissioned Minister through the KLF Ministry Training institute.  Hope also serves on our Ministry Team.

Hope -

Meet Our Staff at Kingdom Life Fellowship

Associate Pastors Rick & Judy Ward

Erla Cason is the Director of our Front Line Ministry. She is also a certified mentors with our "DFIC" ministry and a Life Group Coach here at KLF.

Erla - 

Jacqueline has a heart for the youth that is amazing. She leads a team of trained mentors that are dedicated to reaching the youth ages 12-18. Mentoring is hard work, but it has eternal rewards. 

Jacqueline - 

Milton & Jeanne are both Commissioned Ministers through the KLF Ministry Training Institute and are both certified mentors with our "DFIC" ministry.  Jeanne is also the Director of our " Surrender The Secret Ministry".

Jeanne -            Milton -

Associate Pastors Romeyo & Sherie Kirven

Safety Patrol - Quincy Kirven.

Julius is the director of multiple volunteer teams that take care of cleaning the church on a weekly basis. We are so blessed to have such dedication and excellence. 

Julius -

Senior Pastors Johnny & Karen Davis

Our Senior Pastors have been Ordained through KLF Ministry Training Institute. Pastor Johnny also is licensed through Global          Network of Christian Ministries and is the chairman of the Spiritual Elders as well as the Executive Elders Board. 

Pastor Johnny -                              Pastor Karen

"The Knights of KLF"  -  Bobby Bouston

Family Support - Debbie Kent

Kingdom Services - JR Rangel

Youth Directors Chad & Sarah Lucas

Hospital Chaplain - Hope Garza

KLF Bistro  -  Elizabeth Kelso

KLF Data Processing - Kenny Kent

Pastor Rick is building a team of leaders that are dedicated to bringing a quality presentation of Audio, Video, Lighting and Media presentation to the church. New changes and upgrades will be unfolding as the year continues.

Pastor Rick - 

Front Line Ministry - Erla Cason

Pastor Karen Davis is our Director of Education. She is leading a team of dedicated Teachers & Assistants for the children at KLF. We have paid staff and many volunteers that work hard every week to implement the "ORANGE" program for the children. It's not children's church, it's church designed for children.

Pastor Karen -

Rick & Judy Ward are Associate Pastors here at KLF.  Pastors Rick & Judy are both licensed ministers through the KLF Ministry Training Institute. They also serve on our Spiritual Elders Board as well as our Executive Elders Board. They both lead a Life Group they named "Free Radicals". Rick also plays lead guitar on our Praise Band.

Rick & Judy -