Hi, I'm Romeyo Kirven and this is my wife Sherie. We are the Youth Pastors at KLF. Thank you for stopping by and looking at our new and exciting opportunity that will save you money and help support the youth ministry at the same time.  KLF Ministries Prodigy Youth has partnered with an innovative program called LINX2Funds powered by 5LINX to offer you and your small business all of its telecommunication needs. Through this partnership KLF Ministries Prodigy Youth can offer you savings on everyday product and services that you probably already use, including digital home phone service, mobile phone service, satellite TV, and much more. Our extensive portfolio of products and services has something for everyone!

In addition to saving you of up to 50% or more on a range of outstanding services for your home or business, KLF Ministries Prodigy Youth will earn a percentage on every product you use every single month. So now you can save hundreds of dollars a year as you support the KLF Ministries Prodigy Youth's mission and objectives.

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Thank you for stopping by!

Pastor Romeyo

Prodigy Fund Raiser 2017