Getting Through The Hard Times.

Gracious Women of God

Topical Study Notes

1 - Seven Strategies for Winning

2 - Walking in the Strength of the Lord

3 - Having an Excellent Spirit

4 - Allowing God to Change You

1   How to hear God's Voice

2   The authority of the believer

3   Salvation, How to lead someone to Christ

4   Love, Humility & Service

5   Water Baptism 

6   Baptism with the Holy Spirit

7   Why and How to read the Bible

8   Prayer

9   Intercession

10  Heaven

Diana Clancy is a gifted teacher and author. She has authored a book entitled "Dynamic Freedom In Christ". These books are available at the church in the main office. Diana has a passion to help people to grow in their knowledge of God's word. Here are a few of the topical studies that she has authored. May God richly bless you in your pursuit of His word.

1. We Have A Choice

2. Speaking With Grace

3. Choosing To Be Happy

Ministry Series Notes